CDM MultiChannel Management

A flexible, process-oriented and event-based campaign management system

The system is geared to companies looking to run a more customer-oriented business with a view to increasing earnings and the level of awareness.

Campaigns are the heart of every marketing function, and CDM MultiChannel Management is a strong and indispensable tool when it comes to analysing customers and markets, launching new products, generating leads or when you simply need to be in control of your marketing resources.

Dialog-based campaign management

CDM MultiChannel Management supports the growing need for being able to incorporate several communication channels in the work of marketing your company. And, at the same time, to keep an overview of what is happening with the individual customer.

There are numerous opportunities for the setting-up and execution of campaigns. For example, a campaign can be run using multiple channels, such as HTML e-mail dispatches, SMS, direct mail, inbound and outbound telephony etc., depending on the target group’s preferred method of contact. The system can also execute web-based questionnaires as part of a campaign. Interface to other systems

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