Case Amgros


So far it has saved the danish state approximately 20% of the total cost for medicine used at danish hospitals or close to 1 billion DKK annually.

This cost control is supported by the CDM system which organizes published tenders, and manages purchases of pharmaceuticals for all the public hospitals in Denmark.

Succes Criteria

A solution witch results in:

  • More efficient work processes with tenders
  • A complete transparent process
  • Reduction of manual errors
  • Legal transparency


To establish a system that could ensure a transparent competition among suppliers with significant savings and elimination of time consuming face to face negotiations.

To automate the tender processes enabling that Amgros could handle significant more tenders with the same resources or less resources


The CDM Tender Management solution has secured more effective communication, processes with all stakeholders following from the electronic and automated tender system.

Today the CDM solution is pivotal for Amgros in keeping its leading position as a purchaser of healthcare products.

Amgros I/S is a Danish, publicly owned company which purchases medicine for Danish hospital pharmacies through EU tender invitations as one its main responsibilities.

The idea is to create economies of scale and administrative savings by consolidate procurement processes with one institution.

Amgros has a revenue of 7,3 billion DKK and employs 80 employees.


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