Pharma Callcenter

Get more and better meetings with doctors

CDM Pharma Callcenter are specialists in booking meetings for consultant pharmacists. Annually, we book more than 10,000 high-quality meetings with doctors on behalf of both Danish and international pharmaceutical companies.

We offer an outsourcing solution in which, first and foremost, we plan and book your meetings. However, we can also maintain the consultant pharmacist’s individual calendar and collect valuable data relating to doctors and visits.

Specialists in Pharma-doctor contact

CDM Pharma Callcenter works only for pharmaceutical companies and therefore has extensive specialist knowledge and experience of the industry’s unique conditions.

Besides booking meetings, we can also:

  • Maintain the consultant pharmacists’ individual calendars
  • Register all consultant activities centrally
  • Maintain the doctors’ contact data
  • Transfer data to your CRM systems
  • Collate analytical data

And, of course, we make sure that the doctors are contacted at their preferred times.

Marie Louise Borberg

Business Unit Manager, CDM People

Direct phone +45 51 38 81 69

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