Regulatory Manager

Complete overview of the regulatory process

The Regulatory Manager offers you a quick, simple, and complete graphical overview of how your registrations are progressing. The Regulatory Manager module consists of two integrated parts: The product database and the project tool.

The product database

The product database ensures that you have all information of company collaborators, activities and products in the same system. In here, you have a complete list of all your pharmaceutical products, brands, countries, packing, and indications. For a product you can state the MRP number, RMS brand, MA holder, manufacturer, batch releaser, packing sites etc. You can get a complete list of all contacts as well.

The project tool

The project tool is extremely flexible and is used for monitoring the registration process of your products.

Projects are based on project tracks. A project track is a template defined by your organisation that can be used over and over again. You can have as many tracks as you please. Basically, a project track is a list of milestones, checkpoints, and activities. They are usually defined in accordance with the relevant national or EU regulatory procedure.

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