Case Alka


The main purpose with the CDM Advanced Campaign was to increase the customer loyalty, and that has paid off. According to an analysis of the Danish Customer Index in 2006, Alka’s are the most satisfied and loyal insurance customers.

Succes Criteria

Campaigns are central to any marketing function, and CDM Advanced Campaign Management is a strong and indispensable tool for customer and market analyses, launching new products, generating leads, and managing the marketing resources.


The system should be designed to:

  • Handle Event Driven Marketing
  • Embrace advanced target group management
  • Communicate through Multi-channels:
    HTML e-mails
    Direct mail
    Outbound telephony


CDM Advanced Campaign Management  optimize and automate all your marketing campaigns.

The Advanced Campaign Management system helps plan and execute even complex campaigns. At the same time, you are enabled to optimize the response and results of your campaign.

ALKA Insurance, founded in 1903, is one of the top five insurance companies in Denmark with approximately 400 employees located at its head office and call centers.

ALKA is the trade union movements’ insurance company and is owned by Danish employees’ interest groups.

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