Health Service ePermission – Send emails to doctors in the Nordic

E-permission provides email access to doctors, specialists and nurses

E-permission – acceptance of electronic mail – makes it quick and easy to send product material and newsletters, questionnaires, invitations, booking letters and more to the doctors’ inboxes.

Would you like to measure the success of your marketing campaigns? – This is also a possibility with modern, legitimate email marketing.

CDM Online Marketing obtains e-permissions from the doctors, specialist doctors and nurses that your company wants to enter into an e-dialogue with.

Enter into an e-dialogue with key people

Give your company exciting opportunities to enter into a web-based dialogue with thousands of key people in the Nordic markets. We also offer to maintain your e-permissions agreements.

Please also visit our website CDM Pharma Access.

Marie Louise Borberg

Business Unit Manager, CDM People

Direct phone +45 51 38 81 69

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