Teledetailing increases efficiency by 300-400%

Teledetailing “boosts” overall efforts

Teledetailing pays for itself. Numerous studies have shown that sales increase after only using Teledetailing for a short time. And the benefits are numerous:

  • Doctors value brief, effective conversations
  • Modern tool with a high success rate
  • Reaches target groups quickly and precisely
  • Flexible ad-hoc solution
  • Extremely cost-effective, with a variable cost

5-10 conversations per consultant per day

CDM People Teledetailing is a perfect supplement to the consultant pharmacist’s other efforts. Teledetailing can reach out to a vast number of doctors in a short time, and for a fraction of the price of a conventional consultant pharmacist visit.

The conversations are conducted from our call centre either by specially trained nurses or consultant pharmacists.

Marie Louise Borberg

Business Unit Manager, CDM People

Direct phone +45 51 38 81 69

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