CDM provides the pharmaceuticals industry with exciting, new opportunities

Digital solutions

Pharma Tender Optimizer solution is used by, among others, Amgros, and the Danish Regions’ pharmaceuticals organisation. The system administers the purchase of medicine etc. worth DKK 8 billion annually for the Danish hospital pharmacies, and helps them achieve significant savings.

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Regulatory Manager is used by, for example, Actavis globally, and it provides a crucial overview of the development of regulatory processes. With the system, Actavis has a complete overview of registrations of every single product. This includes the progress of registrations.

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Several others also use CDM’s CRM system for the segmentation of stakeholders and decision-makers within the pharmaceuticals sector. This includes the execution of targeted campaigns.

Dialog with the health service

CDM People operates a dialog centre that establishes dialog between the pharmaceuticals industry and the health services throughout the entire Nordic region. The dialog centre staff mainly comprises nurses who have undergone further training and offers, for example:

E-permission gives pharmaceutical companies  the opportunity to enter into electronic dialog with health care personnel – for example, by sending e-mails to doctors – legally and cost-effectively.

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Teledetailing is a perfect supplement to the consultant pharmacist’s other efforts. Teledetailing reaches out to a vast number of doctors in a short time, and for a fraction of the price of a conventional consultant pharmacist visit.

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Pharma Callcenter provides more and better meetings with doctors. CDM Pharma Callcenter are specialists in booking meetings for consultant pharmacists. Annually, we book more than 10,000 high-quality meetings with doctors on behalf of both Danish and international pharmaceutical companies.

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Dialogservice Pharma provides dedicated teams of dialog-trained and highly qualified nurses to market your products. It is a unique, flexible resource that is at your disposal.

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Marie Louise Borberg

Business Unit Manager, CDM People

Direct phone +45 51 38 81 69

Kim Erbo Chrisitiansen

CEO, CDM Flexible

Direct phone +45 70 45 89 74


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