Dot Com

DotCom solutions and digital disruption are embedded in CDM’s DNA

For decades, CDM has been at the forefront here too. And, today, are customers are reaping success on the back of our experience. Thus, as early as the late nineties, CDM developed the DotCom companies Monogram and Myownshirt, which won the most prestigious e-commerce prizes in both Denmark and New York.

In the 00s, CDM developed, among other things, an award-winning application for standard website and won, for example, the award for the best campaign management system.

In more recent years, CDM has revolutionised the construction industry with the web portal, with new rules for the purchase and sale of dwellings – for example, if you were to select a random dwelling on your smart phone, you will see EVERYTHING about the house or apartment on the screen. And, if you like what you see, just submit an offer to buy it with a single “swipe”.

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