CRM Intro

Get maximum return of your CRM

Is a CRM-solution worth its money? Start by making a realistic evaluation of what results you can expect with CRM. What does your business case say about expected bottom line figures. For example, these typical CRM-contributions:

  • Enhanced customer insight
  • Automatic campaign execution with greater response
  • Improved pipeline management and enhanced forecasting

Next step is typically

  • The definition of processes to be incorporated in the CRM-solution
  • The requirements specification to the CRM-system
  • Selection of CRM-system
  • Development of implementation plan with focus on organizing and education

CDM offer an initial workshop to address your goal, return and costs – quantitative as qualitative.

CDM has worked with CRM since 1986 and carried out CRM-systems in some of the biggest companies in Scandinavia. Simultaneous CDM carried out change management programs to make sure the systems are embedded successfully.

CDM Flexible

CDM Flexible is CDM’s own CRM-system, developed and refined over 20 years. It is especially known for:

  • Great user experience and user-friendliness
  • Expanded functionality and possibilities for customization
  • Comprehensive integration to other it-systems in the organization

CDM Flexible offer e.g.

  • Pipeline and forecasting
  • Segment analyses
  • Monitoring of customer activities
  • 360-degree view of every customer
  • Filing and reuse of campaign material
  • An extra module to effective campaign execution based on segments and channels (sms, e-mail, social media etc.)

Digital processes

The flexibility of CDM’s CRM-system makes it possible to manage processes besides the traditional CRM processes. The system is used for e.g. tender management, price management and asset management.

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