Speed up your procurement process and save money

Businesses are in constant competition and the procurement function is an important competitive parameter – and this is where eSourcing comes into play. It is an important tool to strengthen the procurement process, which is essential for an organization strive for profitability.

Just like the organization have to change its direction because of changes in its surroundings, the procurement function change all the time. Over the time, the procurement function has gotten a more and more strategic role in the organization. You see largely that procurement has more influence instead of just being a function, which adapts to the business needs. Now the procurement functions drives these changes itself.

Functionality of eSourcing can be summed up in the 5 C’s

  • Collaborate

With a eSourcing solution it is easier to collaborate with colleagues and suppliers

  • Connect

A eSourcing solution is integrated to other parts of the procurement process – e.g. contract management

  • Clarify

An eSourcing solution also contain tools for analytics. This makes it possible to make decisions based on data instead of gut feeling. The integrated analytics structure your data in dashboards and reports, which can be used to better business insights and decisions.

  • Configure

We are aware that there are different procedures in different procurement functions. The solution is flexible and can be configured to the specific requirements of the organization.


eSourcing is a relevant tool no matter the size of the procurement organization. The solution are configurable so it can support the different procedures there will be in different procurement organizations.

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