Case Greengate



The website has been visited over 16000 times the last tree months


The tradesite has been visited over 7500 times the last tree months.

Since laucing the greengate tradesite the site has handled over 8 thousand orders.

Succes Criteria

The site need to includes the ability to:

  • Give information about the company
  • See and search greengates products online
  • Download the webcatalog as a PDF
  • The ability to zoom and navigate easyly arround in the webcatalog
  • The ability to share product on (linkedIN,Twitter,Facebook, Email)
  • Product pages include integration of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button to encourge sharing amongst Facebook users


Our process always begins with understanding the brand ecosystem, then we build up. had to be an elegantly designed website that positions the company inline with other top interior design online retailer.


Together with Greengate, CDM  made an an elegant website with a simple user interface design that shows Greengates webcatalog and inform about the company.

The GreenGate tradesite, is an Ecommerce  platform that allows Greengates costumers to automate formerly time-consuming processes by eliminating the need to manually enter and manage orders.

GreenGate is a popular interior design from Denmark founded in 1993, where simplicity is the hallmark of the Nordic lifestyle. GreenGate represents that like no other with its extraordinary style and nostalgic design.

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