Case Myhouse


The site it slowly starting to generate revenue streams and should go breakeven by the end of 2017. We believe that we so far have saved approximately 73.5 mill dkk In the development process which equals approx. 10 mill EURO.

Succes Criteria

  • Satisfied house owners, using the platform on a regular basis
  • Revenue streams consisting of digital services that could be sold for approx. 10 EURO per year per service to 2.8 mill Danish house owners
  • To prepare an IT architecture that can be copied to the rest of Europe


  • To establish a central database that automatically empties all the 200+ database on a regular basis and prepares early warnings for house owners where applicable
  • We use SCRUM in the planning and execution process
  • We use SKYPE to communicate

Outcomes and a suite of mobile applications where the most popular in the summer 2017. The ”Point and Bid” feature where you can point your mobile at any given house or apartment in Denmark and the system will give you the basis data such as estimated  price, number of rooms, local plans etc. of the particular one you aim at and the possibility to bid on it.

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